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Smells Like Fish

Tastes Like Chicken

Laurel Tree
15 March
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I play wipe out on the drums. The squirrels and the birds come. Gather 'round to sing the guitar. Oh, you...have you got nothing to say?

When all words fail, I speak, my mix tapes a masterpiece. I walk through the garden so the roses can see.

And you can see the roses in my footsteps. Dandelions, butterflies.

Everyday I wear the same thing. You think I smoke pot. I'm everything you want. I'm everything you're not.

I never get wet. I smile, and it's a rainbow. And I speak and I breathe.

Down by Rosemary and Cameron I hand out the Bhagavad Gita. You see me 'round every couple days. You wanna meet me so that you can say, "Hey ..."